Lesson Objectives:

In today’s lesson, the student:
  • Learned what a robot is.
  • Constructed the Dancing Birds model using Lego WeDo components
  • Used WeDo programming language to control the Dancing Birds.
  • Discovered how to modify pulley and belt arrangements and program commands to control motion of the Dancing Birds model.
  • Learned about Gracious Professionalism.

Video that introduces the WeDo kit

What you will make today: The Dancing Birds

Follow the step-by-step instructions from the Activity Pack that is built in to the WeDo software to build the dancing birds.

Then create a program to make the birds dance. Use the program, the pulleys, and the belt to change the way the birds dance.
Table to record your findings

(Optional) Introduction to Scratch:

1. Go to the Learn Scratch website
2. View the lessons. Learn how to make a dancing Sprite.

Extension Activities:

Note: These are optional activities that your child may want to do as an extension of today’s session objectives.

1. Try to find examples of robots. For example, you may have a Roomba vacuuming robot at your house.

2. Watch this video about the baby chick robot. What characteristics make it a robot?

3. Write a story about a robot you would like to build. What would you like it to do?

4. Scratch is a tool for kids to write programs. We will use Scratch later in this class, but you can get it for free from http://scratch.mit.edu/ You can also look at programs other kids have written to get ideas for your own programs.


The computers in the lab do not have speakers. The WeDo program allows the children to create sounds for their robot. To hear the sounds, they can bring earbuds or headphones from home.