• Demonstrate gracious professionalism when working as part of a team.
  • Build a robot of your own design and program it
  • Build a robot of your choice from the WeDo activity pack such as the Soccer Goalie.
    • Create a program that uses the motion sensor to keep score.
  • Parent's Day

Other Extension Activities:

You might want to try one of these extension activities (optional):
  1. Check out some programs other kids have made using Scratch. http://scratch.mit.edu/channel/featured Which program did you like the most? Why?
  2. For our last class we will be sharing some creations with your parents that use Scratch and WeDo. Write down some ideas for what you might like to design. What sensors would you use? What could you do with the Lego WeDo motor? Could you use the Scratch and WeDo components to tell a short story? If your parents download the Scratch program (see instructions on resource page) at home and you create a program on your own, you can use the same file in class. You will have to save it and either email it to me at landersen@email.wm.edu , bring it on a flash drive, or upload the file to this Wiki (if you join the Wiki).
  3. Learn how to use the Scratch programming interface (video)